All of this will happen again?

News of this broke on Friday apparently but I didn’t hear about it today. IGN reports Universal Pictures is planning a Battlestar Galactica movie with no connection to the current Sci-Fi Channel series. 

Instead of current creator Ronald D. Moore, the movie would be scripted and produced by the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica series creator, Glen A. Larson. Not only that but the film will be based on that original series and presumably will not feature any of the actors or plot threads from the reboot version. I have to say, I did not see this one coming.

Keep in mind, this is pure speculation as IGN says themselves, “A Universal spokesperson refused to comment on rumored projects before ultimately denying it; we were later able to confirm our scoop independently.” That makes me vaguely skeptical and pretty blasé about the whole thing. 
The current BSG’s final episode hasn’t even aired yet. I feel like if something like this were to be done, it should be done at least ten years down the road. Do we really need another BSG franchise at all? Who am I kidding, this is Hollywood, they felt the need to make a Dirty Dancing sequel. Muffit! Here boy!

5 Responses to “All of this will happen again?”

  1. Yeah, the Cylon Cavil supposedly poisoned or whatever. The reason I thought that was because they said Daniel was an artist and Kara is too. I don’t think I ever put it into words on my blog, I made the theory on my friends episode post here:

  2. Rodney says:

    Daniel the boxed line of Cylons?

    Now there is a great theory, and one that would be a nice full circle for the series.

    It would explain Kara’s connection to the Cylons and offer a fan nod considering most of the buzz on this series when it was first coming out was focused on Starbuck being a girl. It would be a great nod for them to finish saying Starbuck was a guy afterall and Thrace was just named after him.

    Do you have a link to that article?

  3. Oh Rodney, you haven’t heard my BSG theory that the original male Starbuck is gonna come back and claim he’s Daniel. :)

    El Dude, nothing wrong with red shirts! Did you see the hilarious joke they did about that on Lost?

  4. El Dude says:

    I watched the first series so many years ago, watched a few of when they found earth, and have watched all of the ones to date with the new series. The new series rocks. I think whenever a good series ends the first thing they think is “let’s make a movie!” Some win and some lose…Though I would love BSG to continue I also think finish it before it becomes a worn out series like Atlantis or Stargate. A BSG movie? What about the other series Caprica they are working on? Too much will kill it I think. But who am I but a sci-fi nerd that makes red shirt references whenever you see someone show up with no name.

  5. Rodney says:

    I can just imagine the outrage when they try to make a movie where Starbuck is a GUY!

    All of this will happen again.