BatCat, Arrow Lantern and more!

I had an amazing Sunday. Batman is partially responsible. So are you. First, this must be seen by everyone, everywhere…

I bow down to GorillaSushi’s mad photoshop skillz (I seriously thought he got a cat to wear the cowl) and also thank him for combining my two favorite things in the whole wide world – cats and Batman. Speaking of fictional characters I’m in love with…

The night before the MDA Stride & Ride I got an email telling me a “very special guest” would be in attendance, none other than Bruce Wayne himself. Actually, not to blow his secret identity or anything but his name is Detective Genaro Ortiz. He’s a police officer from Newark, New Jersey who has been dressing as Batman for years to speak to kids about drugs (with D.A.R.E.) and help out at charity events. He’s even got his car done up like a Batmobile.

I went up and told him I loved Batman and was going to ask for some very silly pictures when he pulled out the Christian Bale voice and scared the crap out of me. Not really, but really. He did however, suggest I hold his Batcuffs. ::swoon:: Thankfully I was able to refrain from saying anything perverted to him after that.

And here’s my fantastic Stride & Ride team, “The Nerdy Birds.” Thanks in a big part to all of you, we were able to raise $2,470 this year!!! The last total I heard for the event overall (and they were still counting when we left) was a whopping $125,000! I’ll be sure to edit in the final total once I hear it. Thank you all so much for your support in this, it means a lot.
EDIT: Try $142,000!!
Also, thanks to Eric, the only one of my friends who was willing to wake up before 9 a.m. on a Sunday to walk with my team. He doesn’t really like anything nerdy but don’t hold that against him. He does make fun of me an awful lot though, so feel free to hold that against him.
After the event we walked around a while in the mall and I came across this oddity at Target. Eric of course, did not understand the significance. I, however, needed to document it. Talk about an Identity Crisis…

8 Responses to “BatCat, Arrow Lantern and more!”

  1. Not at all Sasha, thanks!

  2. =DK= says:

    Loving the blog, Nerdy Bird.
    "Arrow Lantern"? Hilarious… I had to comment.

  3. I've been reading your blog for a couple days now, and I can't stop laughing at your blog title. Has Boobs, Reads Comics. Has Boobs, Reads Comics. Yeah, still can't stop laughing.

    Awesome shot of you and Batman. ;)

    Do you mind if I link you on my blogroll?

  4. Amber Love says:

    Holy Pooper Scooper, Batman! I thought that cat was really wearing a cowl.

    Congrats on the strides! I'm so proud to know you.

    GA… GL… sure, why not?

  5. ImjustDoug says:

    Congrats on your ride. Really awesome you use you're blog to get donations for such a good cause.

    Guess they think the symbol on his chest is an arrow.

  6. Randy says:

    BatCat is awesome.

    Also I saw a Deadshot figure packaged as Firestorm at my Target this weekend. Must be a trend.

  7. Just another reason why you are so awesome Jill.. Batcat has already made my day..

    and poor green arrow.. hahahahah geez

  8. sounds like a great dday ! congrats on your donations :)