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2 Responses to “Check Out My Recent Articles on HitFix!”

  1. Aeryl says:

    Having recently rewatched T2, it has what all the subsequent sequels have lacked. I can’t tell you what it is. But the atmosphere of that movie is the most evocative of the first one, and NONE of the subsequent movies have been able to bring that back.

  2. WheelchairNinja says:

    Harley Quinn is about the same age as my little sister. Frak that makes me feel old.

    I saw T1 on TV, knowing it was a sci-fi classic and wanting to get the references but not being a fan of R-rated movies. A few months later T2 was on, so I started it and my mind was completely blown when I saw the mousy, slightly annoying Sarah Conner turned into this amazing warrior doing pull-ups in the psych ward. *That’s* when T2 became one of my favorite movies and Sarah Connor became one of my favorite characters.

    Oof, dat comments section doe. I’ll be honest: I have zero nostalgia for Ghostbusters (didn’t see it until a few years ago and it doesn’t exactly hold up) and the reboot just isn’t the style of comedy that appeals to me, but the whole “I’m a ‘true’ Ghostbusters fan and this movie is a betrayal of the original’s genius how dare you say otherwise” is just facepalm-inducingly moronic.

    Radcliffe continues to be the best. It’s amazing how pretty much all the Potter stars are some of the most well-adjusted former child actors out there.

    Nashville is so freaking humid. I go outside and my wheel rims become clammy with condensation. I tried “hot chicken” (spicy fried chicken, which is apparently a Nashville thing) and a kronut. My sister’s doing well, we’re planning to go to a Middle-earth-themed pub tomorrow!