You heard me correctly. is hosting a Geek Girl Sleepover this weekend sponsored by ThinkGeek and Midtown Comics!

What’s the occassion? Well, Toy Fair is this weekend in New York City and I felt like being a kid again. Actually, this whole thing started off as sort of a joke on Twitter (oh, that Twitter!). I suggested I have a Geek Girl Sleepover where we all slept in Tauntaun Sleeping bags from ThinkGeek. Well, ThinkGeek heard me and thought it was a great idea! Soon after, I got Midtown Comics involved and TADA! Geek Girl Sleepover in full effect.

Thanks to ThinkGeek, who generously donated their exclusive Tauntaun Sleeping Bags to the party, myself and four other geek girls will be sleeping in geek fashion this weekend. So who are these other fab geek gals? Well we’ve got GeekGirls herself, Kristin from the Geek Girls Network, Elizabeth-Amber from Amber Unmasked, WonderAli from the Invisible Jetcast and Bookishbelle, Midtown Comics own comics/culture correspondent Zoë A. Gulliksen.

What will we be doing during this sleepover? Wouldn’t you like to know…
Actually, you will know! We’ll be taking tons of pictures as well as appearing on Midtown Comics weekly podcast. Not only that, Midtown will be shooting video of the entire thing as well! Who knows what sort of Geek Girl craziness we’ll get up to? Geek prank calls anyone? Make sure to follow along on Twitter Sunday night to read some behind-the-scenes accounts and then check out Newsarama next week where I’ll be posting my full recap!
We’ll also be hanging around Toy Fair on Sunday/Monday so if you see us come say hello. And no, we will not accept bribes for entrance into the Geek Girls Sleepover so don’t even try. Unless it’s something really good. ;)

4 Responses to “GEEK. GIRL. SLEEPOVER.”

  1. David H. says:

    that is too cool for words!

  2. NateTheGreat says:

    My god… I never knew perfect happiness was so easy to attain.

  3. WndrWmn says:

    If I don't get a Geek Girl prank phone call, I may be a bit sad. Also… three-way… calling, that is! ;D

  4. creepy dude says:

    can I watch? (does creepy hand gestures)