I’m ‘Super’confused

Kara Zor-El! You go straight to your room and don’t you dare come out until your series starts making some sense!

I’ve tried my best to stick with the latest run of Supergirl. I really have. She’s is one of my all-time favorite super-heroes. This is me in Kindergarten.

But when Supergirl starts promising little boys with brain cancer that they aren’t going to die, I draw the line.

Like I said, I love Supergirl, but this Kelley Puckett run is really trying my patience. Number 26, which I just read, made marginally more sense than the last three issues. That doesn’t mean a lot considering the last three issues made no sense at all. Page upon page of little or no dialogue, traveling to other dimensions and, oddly enough, coming up with ANOTHER origin for Kara. How do you do that? More to the point, how do other people LET you do that? One of the previews actually said, “Confused?” Yes! Yes, I am! And I’m pretty sure everyone who has stuck with this book (all ten of us) is too. So please stop wasting time making us scratch our heads and start getting to the heart of the matter. Soon would be nice.

The only good part of this run so far has been Batman’s pitch-perfect cameo in the first issue.

Supergirl: Look, I’ve been on this planet like, two years, right? The only person I’ve ever met who’s weird enough to come up with something like this…is you?
Batman: I’ll take that as a compliment.

Also, I’m not usually very picky about the art in a book, but I’m really beginning to wonder here. The little boy with brain cancer (Thomas) she was saving in Metropolis looked like he was about to cop a feel instead of hug her. I actually thought she might have become a little bit narcoleptic in this issue too.

I’m sticking with it because I’m a sap for Supergirl but for heavens sake start giving us some answers. I’ll happily be proved wrong if there really is going to be something important coming from this story line eventually. But from what I’ve seen so far, there isn’t. I’d much rather they scrap this and let her series be intertwined with Countdown for the time being but it’s probably too late for that anyway.

If you’re good Kara, I’ll bring you a cookie later.

2 Responses to “I’m ‘Super’confused”

  1. Nerdy Bird says:

    Haha, I’ve been meaning to start reading some marvel stuff I really have! But I love my DC.

  2. JRATT says:

    Dont you think its about time you come over to marvel side and read some good stories :)