In case you didn’t know…

…Geek Girls are taking over San Diego Comic-Con this year. Prepare yourself.

My pal Kristin, editor of Geek Girls Network, has announced some exciting news. She’ll be moderating a panel at SDCC called, “Geek Girls Exist.” It was inspired by our friend Geek Girl Diva’s post about people thinking we’re like unicorns…or something.

Anyway, according to Kristin the focus of the panel is, “to promote ‘geek girls’ in a positive manner and dispel the rumors that females only attend cons because their boyfriends dragged them or because they just want to dress in a Slave Leia costume. The panel consists of women who represent different aspects of the geek culture and who have embraced their geekiness in their personal and/or professional lives.”
Who is on this panel you ask? Well, we’ve got Morgan Romine (founder of The Frag Dolls), Bonnie Burton (author of You Can Draw Star Wars), Mariane Call (geek inspired musician), Sarah Kuhn (author of One Con Glory), Veronica Belmont (host of Qore and Tekzilla), Kiala Kazebee (writer for io9 and GeekWeek) and…yours truly. Yup, I’m going to be on TWO panels at SDCC.
But oh wait. We’re not stopping there. Kristin, Geek Girl Diva and myself are hosting a huge “Geek Girls and Friends” tweet-up at the con as well! And you don’t even have to be on Twitter to attend. Join us for the biggest Geek Tweet-Up event of all time on Friday, July 23rd from 8pm-11pm at Jolt ‘N Joes (Gaslamp location) in San Diego! You can RSVP on our Facebook event page. It’s going to be a room full of geeks getting to chill out, be themselves and just have a blast.
So let’s just say, if I wasn’t excited for SDCC before (Which I was. A lot.) I am now. And don’t worry if you aren’t attending the con this year, there will be plenty of tweets from me throughout the night plus a whole recap here (with pictures) sometime after the fact. :)

5 Responses to “In case you didn’t know…”

  1. Now all we need is someone to promote geek guys or better yet promote geek guys to geek girls.

  2. That sounds fabulous! I wish I could be going, but I am on the wrong coast. I may send another geek girl friend though!

    Girls Are Geeks

  3. hallelujah! I'm sick and tired of whenever I ask a question from a vendor with a piece of paper in my hand they look at me like "your boyfriend sent you over here with a list. I shall take this opportunity to talk to your boobs."

  4. Rebelcomix says:

    So… you WON'T all be dressing like Slave Leia for the panel?

    …awwwww maaaaaaaannnnn….

    *walks away dejected*

  5. nerdjefe says:

    That's awesome! Congratulations!

    Do you know what issues or topics will be addressed at those panels?