In Memoriam (Venture Bros. Spoilers Ahead)

Season three of one of my favorite shows, The Venture Bros. came to a close last night with a bang. Literally. Part 2 of “The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together” was filled with action, suspense and lots and lots of murder. 

I actually watched Part 1 right before the second half so forgive me if some of what I write blends them together. It was one big episode anyway.  First and foremost, thank god Molotov Cocktease finally showed up. I would have been sorely disappointed if she wasn’t included this season. Though, did anyone else notice her looking a little haggard this time around? I still wouldn’t mind being part of her Black Hearts Elimination Agency, those costumes were awesome.
There was a great line about recording Battlestar Galactica but the one exchange I probably loved the most was Hank discussing Batman with Le Tueur, the assassin who has a thing for Silver Age comics and who happened to be wearing a Batman towel when Hank spots him. Hank actually reveals having knowledge of wearing a Batman costume and jumping off a building (one of the several ways we know he’s died) but thinks it was probably just a dream. Le Tueur later reveals he only likes Batman because he’s got the best villains.
Other favorite moments; The car chase scene with Herr Trigger that was straight out of Spy Hunter, Go-Fish getting his head taken off by a shark wearing a Brock suit (btw, how long has Brock been wearing a wig?), The Cleaner who I expected to show up looking like Harvey Keitel actually looking like Mr. Clean and Dr. Girlfriend playing Good-cop with H.E.L.P.eR.
Speaking of H.E.L.P.eR, it must be said he’s one of my favorite characters. He was really put through the ringer in these episodes. From taking one for the team by acting like landing gear for the jet to getting played by Dr. Girlfriend and ultimately completely blown up, I really felt bad for the little fella. At least he’s a robot and can be rebuilt, others are not so lucky. That brings us to…

…Henchman 24. Earlier this season 21 and 24 were gloating about how they always survive even when all the other henchmen around them are dying horribly. Well from what we saw this episode it seems their luck has run out. They decided the best idea during the huge fight at the end was to hide in the Monarchs car, unfortunately that’s where H.E.L.P.eR (with a bomb strapped to him) decided to go as well. Henchman 21 dives out of the car and realizes 24 is still there. He was wearing his seat belt in a parked car. “Why did you buckle it? Why would you do that?!” screamed 21. “I don’t knooooooow!” replied 24 as the car went careening away and finally blew up throwing what appears to be 24’s head into 21’s lap. The End.

The unlucky 13th Shirt Club offering is that shot of 24 above (and a big 24 on the back). I’m sure this one is going to be their best seller. All in all I was a little disappointed with the Shirt Club. I was waiting specifically for Dr. Girlfriend and Molotov shirts. I got the awesome mod Dr. Girlfriend shirt and I hope I got my order in on time for the Black Hearts tank, if not, I’ll be extremely disappointed. For the most part Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer are happy with the success of the shirts though they’ve had some bumps along the way as documented on Jackson’s Livejournal. I wonder if they’ll think it’s worth it to do this all again next season.
Season 4 is already partially underway but Jackson says they are going to take a break. Initially he thought they could work straight through just to get it done but he said he’d rather the show not suffer because of that. He’s estimating a Fall 2009 start and reported some extremely exciting news; One of the first two episodes of next season will feature none other than Kevin Conroy! I can’t even imagine what they’re going to do with him. The possibilities are endless.

6 Responses to “In Memoriam (Venture Bros. Spoilers Ahead)”

  1. It's a cartoon, they can do anything they want. :)

  2. arthur says:

    I think there proble bring back 24. If you think about venture has a cloneing mosein and 24's head in one plase they can clone him or 21 end up trying to kill brock or Monarch somehow what you guy think?

  3. I hate to say it but I agree with you Hex. This season has been good but not great. Oddly enough there wasn’t enough of the actual Venture brothers for me. Plus I found it funny that all of the characters that were used this season, most of them weren’t in the finale. No Orpheus or Jonas? Odd. But yeah, these were great.

  4. Hex says:

    I’m glad they really went all out with this episode, because as much as I love, love, love this show — this season has been a little blah in comparison to previous ones.

    Rule #1 of a good Venture Bros episode: No matter what it’s about or what happens, Brock must go sickhouse on everyone at some point or it’s not really worth it.

  5. Hey Eric, you’re very welcome. Last night was definitely the last episode unfortunately. Are they listing Ventures on for next week, is that why you ask? Maybe they’re starting the season over again.

    The clones coming out like March of the Wooden Soldiers was hilarious. I almost couldn’t look knowing how squishy they were, haha. And yeah, there was a lot of beheadings going on!

  6. Eric says:

    Howdy, Jill. Yup, I was saddened by 24’s demise. The seat belt being stuck…we knew what was going to happen! However, isn’t next week’s episode the Season Finale, or are they going to re-run it next Sunday? The clones getting decimated..priceless, esp. with all the head chopping going on. Thanks for the info about the T-Shirts…some swag I just may have to get my grubby hands on! Thanks for all the info. —:)