It’s bigger on the inside.

A Twitter follower of mine recently asked me what geeky thing I have yet to do that I am dying to. After some careful thought, I answered, “Stand in a TARDIS. Or marry David Tennant. You know, either one.” Guess which one I can actually achieve.

I present to you, Doctor Who Tardis Zipperobe. Or, you know, portable fabric closet shaped like a TARDIS. Dalek not included. Curses!

For a hefty £45.99 you too can walk through the double-opening zipped doors and into a very flimsy excuse for a TARDIS. And a closet. Though I have to say, if I were a kid, I’d totally be sleeping in this thing. In my Tauntaun sleeping bag.
While we’re at it, why not finish the room with a Dalek rug?

7 Responses to “It’s bigger on the inside.”

  1. Robert says:

    Available in E-Space exclusively through

  2. Amber Love says:

    The sleeping bag is truly disturbing.

  3. I craft for a hobby and love doctor who so much I made myself a tardis pin cushion! best pin cushion everrrr. Tried to self one on etsy and *pffft* no love! Love your blog btw

  4. Hex says:

    So, the site listed in the blog doesn't ship to the US… I found this one that does but it doubles the price. and yes, i did order it anyway…

  5. Rebelcomix says:

    I want to make love in that club.

    Seriously, that would be some hot scifi sex. I'm talking Nerd-on- Nerd violence. Yes indeed.

  6. A-mazing. I think I need this.

    And a David Tennant, if you can find an extra. ;)

  7. Curt Russell says:

    Ha! Just imagine the kind of walk-in closet it would be if it were truly bigger on the inside than the out. A walk-in closet that could fit a family of twelve.