SDCC Jillarama

I did all of my reporting from San Diego Comic-Con for Newsarama last week and obviously didn’t have much time to post about it again on my blog. If you were following my twitter you may have caught some of them already since I was writing live but if not, here’s a rundown of them all.

First up was last week’s Hey, That’s My Cape! I preemptively talked about geek girls and women in genre roles since the two panels I was going to be on at the show were going to be talking about that.

And here’s the panel coverage:
Newsarama On the Ground at SDCC 2010 LIVE – Myself and two other Newsarama reporters gave our first impressions preview night of the convention via Twitter.
DC Focus: Geoff Johns – A spotlight on the Green Lantern mastermind and DC chief creative officer.
Entertainment Weekly: The Visionaries – A spotlight in Hall H on fan-favorite creators J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon.
True Blood panel and Q&A session – An amazing ten panelists were up on stage for this one. Anna Paquin said “Sookie” like Bill and made everyone’s day.
Green Lantern: Emerald Empire – GL writers, artists and editors gathered to discuss upcoming events in the War of Light.
Screen Gems: Resident Evil: Afterlife – I tried not to scream out MULTIPASS as Milla Jovovich and the cast spoke about the new movie along with her husband, the director.
DC Focus: Premiere Teams – Creators got together to discuss what’s coming up for the teams of the DCU like the JLA, JSA, JSA All-Stars, Teen Titans and R.E.B.E.L.S.

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