Kyle MacLachlan’s Special Agent Dale Cooper Reveals Himself in New Twin Peaks Teaser

David Lynch, Mark Frost, and the cast of the Twin Peaks revival are keeping the plot of the revival extremely close to the vest. And that goes for teaser trailers as well. Here’s a new one that gives us FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, aka Kyle MacLachlan. On Twitter Showtime wrote, “25 years, 7 months, and 3 days later.”

It doesn’t give anything away, and that’s good! (Did you see the production video?) While we’re used to getting a lot more information about movie and television prospects these days I’m happy Lynch is staying mum. Speaking of which, here’s a previous teaser Showtime released featuring him as FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole.

You may recall the cast of the revival series is abnormally large. A few of them appeared at the show’s Television Critics Association presentation earlier this week, along with a concise Lynch. I was not there but here’s a few tidbits from journalists who were:

Twin Peaks debuts on Showtime May 21st at 9 p.m.

(via THR)

3 Responses to “Kyle MacLachlan’s Special Agent Dale Cooper Reveals Himself in New Twin Peaks Teaser”

  1. WheelchairNinja says:

    The events of Fire Walk with Me are “very important” to the new Twin Peaks.

    This makes me kind of nervous, actually. Plus the fact that it’s on Showtime–the last thing we need is more R-rated Twin Peaks…

    • Yeah, I am wondering how he’s approaching it. Fire Walk With Me was interesting but it was a very different animal from Twin Peaks. I watched it after the whole series with no idea what to expect and was like OMG LAURA PALMER’S BOOBS NOOOOOOOOO

      • WheelchairNinja says:

        You watch the cast interviews on the DVD, it’s veeeeery obvious they were NOT fans of the movie and are trying to find something nice to say. I usually recommend people skip it and just read a summary, but if they insist on being completionists I tell them to watch the Psych TP-tribute episode “Dual Spires” immediatly after so they’re not super-depressed.