Check Out My Latest at HitFix Harpy! Star Wars, Marvel, Reboots & More!


Hey, I was so busy last week it completely slipped my mind to post my weekly link roundup of my other work around the net. So here that is!

At HitFix:

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My latest recap at Blastr (shares and comments on this, and all these pieces, appreciated!):

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Here’s a photo of me and the birthday girl from last week. I even remembered to wish her a Happy Birthday from all of you!

2 Responses to “Check Out My Latest at HitFix Harpy! Star Wars, Marvel, Reboots & More!”

  1. WheelchairNinja says:

    •I don’t know, I feel like having big characters like Cap and Bucky in the Black Panther movie could overshadow T’Challa. Maybe just have a cameo of him in stasis, or an after-credits scene of him waking up?

    •A new BSG isn’t really something I want, but if it’s going to happen it needs to take place in the future. The original took place in the present, the reboot in the past, so it fits to have the new show discover a Planet of the Apes-style world when they finally get to Earth. After all, “all of this has happened before…”

    •Honestly, I’d like to see what Christensen would do under a different director. It’ll never happen since Disney’s trying to stay as far away from the prequels as possible, but I’d like to see the guy have a chance to redeem himself in the fanboys’ eyes.

    Medieval Times? I’ve never been, but it’s always sounded like fun!

    • bandit_queen says:

      I’m torn about Bucky in Black Panther. Because on the one hand, I don’t want a white dude’s story to dominate that movie, which it easily could (especially in the eyes of certain fans). But I also don’t want just a cameo (I’m very bitter about how Bucky’s point of view was short changed in Civil War). I would love really well written conversations between him and T’Challa, though, about their relationship, about responsibility and forgiveness, that sort of thing. I think that if it’s done well, it could really add depth to both their stories. But that’s a big if.