[UPDATED] The Live-Action Wonder Woman Trailer (and Justice League) Is Here!


(I’ll talk more later when I’m not busy!)

[UPDATE] Here’s Justice League while we’re at it!


And here’s the first official photo.


And a Suicide Squad video as well.

6 Responses to “[UPDATED] The Live-Action Wonder Woman Trailer (and Justice League) Is Here!”

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  2. Nuuni Nuunani says:

    I have been confident of this Wonder Woman movie ever since the new director was announced and this trailer does not disappoint me. ^^

    Really looking forward to this film. ^^

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  4. future warrior space princess says:

    wonder woman!!!

    she’s so steely~~

    i am excite. and happy etta is a part. and i like the song at the end. kinda mystical feminine battle rock.

  5. silaria says:

    Hmmmmm… I’ll allow it. XD

    I mean, I would rather Zeus wasn’t in her origin story, and that version of the Flash seems awfully… un-Flash-like? But Diana looked amazingly badass, and I’m really excited for the story. It could be amazing.

    As for Justice League, I liked the music and the way it felt like a 7 Samurai tribute. Maybe they’ll give us a surprise 7th member. I’m voting Hawkgirl, because then the next movie could be the Thanagar storyline. Divided loyalties! Trust! Betrayal! Aliens! What’s not to love?

  6. They Call Me The Fizz says:

    Was trepidacious about moving her origin from WW2 to WW1 but this looks to be right on track… The stinger gag with Etta was perfect…