Locke & Key Set For New Series at Hulu With Doctor Strange Director

Locke & Key was first published in 2008 and has been trying to unlock the door to an adaptation for a while. The latest news is good! Hulu has decided to pick up the project with some great names attached.

I’ve been a fan of the series from the very beginning. It’s an amazingly crafted horror story with gorgeous art and it just so happens to revolve around a series of mysterious keys, something I’m a big nerd for. Skelton Crew Studio, who make amazing collectibles for a lot of comic series, have brought them to life and they live very happily on my shelves.

We’ve seen an attempt at a Locke & Key TV show before. Fox did a pilot with some great actors involved but sadly it went no further. Then there was talk of a series of films but that also never surfaced. Last year we had news that IDW Entertainment was working on bringing writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodríguez’s comic series to life. But at that point they didn’t have a network (or streaming outlet) attached. Hill told me then he was writing the pilot. “IDW is backing it to the hilt, with plans to film not just the pilot but an entire first season,” he said. “The show will both follow the original series as well as expand upon it considerably… While also throwing in some twists to keep fans of the comic off balance.”

Well yesterday The Hollywood Reporter announced Hulu is giving it a pilot order. Carlton Cuse (Lost, Bates Motel) will serve as showrunner while none other than Doctor Strange’s Scott Derrickson will direct the episode. IDW president David Ozer, Lindsey Springer, and Hill will executive produce. THR writes, “IDW packaged the project with the goal of securing a straight-to-series order for the property. The package was taken out to bidders — including Netflix, HBO and FX — last month.”

Here’s a bit of what the creators had to say online after news broke…

By the way, Skelton Crew had this to say about the project in their newsletter yesterday: “We are SO proud and excited and happy for Joe, Gabe, and all the folks at IDW who’ve had a hand in this amazing series! We cannot wait to tune in!” Coincidentally, they’ve rolled out some new items recently. One of them is a key BUT its origin is based in Hill’s book N0S4A2. The Key to the Candy Cane Gates is available for pre-order now and through May 8th each piece includes a hand-numbered limited edition tag signed by Hill and artist C.P. Wilson III (The Stuff of Legend).

4 Responses to “Locke & Key Set For New Series at Hulu With Doctor Strange Director”

  1. They’d better get Ksenia Solo back!

  2. I was a huge Locke & Key fan…but Joe Hill was at the apex of the single worst comic con moment I’ve experienced. I left my copy of N0S4A2 on the table, in fact, and gave away my stack of L&K hardcovers ASAP afterward. Very rarely am I inclined to boycott something on principle…but I think I might go ahead and do just that.