Anytime, Anywhere, NECA’s Aliens Vasquez Action Figure Will Kick Ass


Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for an action figure? Well, Aliens actor Jenette Goldstein can now say yes thanks to NECA.

You may recall I recently wrote about some background on Goldstein’s time as PFC Jenette Vasquez in James Cameron’s Aliens. With “Alien Day” this week we got the reveal of a fantastic Newt action figure from NECA but they’d also promised Vasquez was on the way. Goldstein herself made the reveal on her Twitter account and yes, it was worth the wait.


“Vasquez action figure has over 30 points of articulation. Not sure I’ve got that many left,” she tweeted. I adore her.

She also noted it will be released in August for Aliens 30th anniversary (hey, maybe Reebok can do another run of the Stompers then too). I need one desperately. Apparently one of the other marines will also be revealed soon so keep an eye on NECA’s Twitter feed (or the other actors’ accounts).

7 Responses to “Anytime, Anywhere, NECA’s Aliens Vasquez Action Figure Will Kick Ass”

  1. Zefram Mann says:

    I want this with every fiber of my being.

  2. Pontifex says:

    I’ve long wondered what happened to her after T2. My assumption was that she returned to the stage, considering her very impressive pre-Aliens thespic creds, and sporadic appearances on TV.
    I loved her as Vasquez, but I will never forget her as Diamondback in ‘Near Dark’.

    • Zefram Mann says:

      No joke, I hear she opened a bra store for generously endowed women.

      • schumannhertz says:

        tight! I love Vasquez! what a fucking stone-cold badass she was in the movie

  3. lev36 says:

    I don’t do action figures – I generally use Fallout and Skyrim to ‘play Barbies’, as I usually put it. But if I did collect them, this would definitely be on my shopping list.

  4. I never noticed Vasquez had a teardrop tattoo.

  5. Wendy Whipple says:

    That looks frickin amazing!