The Nerdy Bird Adores – Superman/Batman #51

For most of us, comics equals cool. Obviously some people in this world consider them the exact opposite but we’ll forget about them for right now. Seeing a superhero overcome great odds or do something really spectacular with their powers makes our hearts swell with pride. A great issue can make us really happy and cause us to wonder how everyone in the world isn’t reading comics too. Then there are girls like me. I read comics and react the same way to those great epic moments yet I also live for those adorable panels the wonderful creators seem to stick in now and then. As luck would have it, it’s been happening a whole lot lately so I’m starting something new: The Nerdy Bird Adores

“I’m the goshdarn Batma–“
Now, I’m speaking from a girl’s perspective, that’s not to say that guys don’t or shouldn’t find this kind of stuff adorable too it’s just that I’m probably more likely to admit it in public. How anyone wouldn’t find Superman/Batman #51 adorable is beyond me! A younger (?) smaller version of Superman and Batman show up playing the hero just like their larger counterparts and acting very much like children. And we all know how much Batman loves children.
It’s all fun and games for the Lil’ Capes until they realize the Big Capes aren’t taking them seriously. Of course Lil’ Batman is the first to go off. He makes sure they know why he became a crime-fighter.

“Two shoves and nothing was ever the same again.”
That’s right, his parents were pushed, not shot and are still alive. And they were also about the same height as him. Big Batman decides his origin story is best left for another time. Of course Lil’ Superman’s parents are still alive and well too as is all of Krypton. They sent him away to Earth because it was going to rain. To the writers of this issue, Michael Green and Mike Johnson, you are amazing.
Things got a little weird when the Lil’ League showed up. They were all over the place like kids on a jungle-gym and then Lil’ Superman scooped up Lois in his arms with hearts floating around his head that were visible to everyone. Then the girls took it a bit too far…

“Are those lips?”
Eeek! Lil’ Vixen, Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Supergirl are going after Robin! With floating lips! The rest was cute but this borders on creepy. Notice Lil’ Flash’s reaction to all the attention?
Obviously Mr. Mxyzptlk is behind it all, though not much else gets resolved in this issue, just a whole lotta adorable. A crew of Lil’ Villains shows up as our cliff-hanger for the next issue though. Doomsday says, “Woof.” Enough! There’s only so much cute I can take in one sitting. Actually there was more than one issue this week that meets these standards but I’ll save that for tomorrow. That’s it for the first edition of The Nerdy Bird Adores.

9 Responses to “The Nerdy Bird Adores – Superman/Batman #51”

  1. I feel like the Cheshire Cat. Instead of saying, “We’re all mad here!” it’s “We’re all geeks here! I’m a geek, you’re a geek.” :-)

  2. Eric says:

    Just to add, I am quiet adept at spelling. I went to the state competition for the school’s spelling bee way back when. I SHOULD have spelled it correctly after having said I messed up and arrogantly I thought I had. I didn’t–my bad. Yes, I am a geek, and I COULD have looked up Mr. M’s correct spelling, but it was late, and didn’t feel like it. I’m every bit as geek as you…no sighs necessary, Randy.

  3. Randy says:

    As I like to say, Jill, I am a veritable fountain-head of useless trivia and information.

    Ever see the episode of Cheers when Cliff Clavin was on Jeopardy? And every category was about something which he had spouted off about in nearly every episode of Cheers previously?

    I’d probably be the same way if my categories were all comics or cartoon related.

    Hi! My name’s Randy. And I’m a Comiholic!

  4. Leave it to Randy to give us every possible spelling and pronunciation. Haha. :) I just hope I’m never in a position where I have to say it.

  5. Randy says:

    That would be….MXYZPTLK.

    The Golden Age version was MXYZTPLK.

    As Gilbert Godfreid said in in the 90 Days episode of Superman the Animated Series, it’s pronounced, ‘Mix-Yez-Spit-Lick.’

    Not ‘Mixle-plick’ like on the Superfriends.

    Although according to an issue of Ambush Bug way back in the 80s, it could be pronounced ‘Muxle-pulk.’


    No, I don’t get out much! ;)

  6. Lol Randy.

    I have no problem with you stating your opinion here Eric, in fact I encourage it. I know people have different tastes. I’m not sure I agree about this trying to appeal to Anime fans though, young kids in general maybe but then again they have separate series’ for that like Tiny Titans etc. Now that Manga Batman series is another thing entirely and that makes ME cringe. But I like a little fun thrown in every once in a a while. This little arc is only two issues so it’s not that bad.

    Do you read the Superman/Batman book at all? They just finished a really fantastic storyline called “K” that’s worth a read.

  7. "E" AKA Eric says:

    Not that it matters, but I didn’t spell Myxlypyx correctly….

  8. e says:

    Everyone is, indeed, entitled to their own opinion. By no means am I dissing you, Jill, but this is the sort of thing which makes most fanboys, young and old alike…cringe. Even if it is Mr. Mxylpx. He, Bat-Mite, and now these “Lil'” versions of the heroes…just DC trying to get the younger Anime crowd into the comic book, is what I am thinking. From my perspective on this one…will have to pass. Again, this is your blog and your opinion, but, I don’t think this will be on most people’s radar as a book to read.

  9. Randy says:

    I think I’m going into a diabetic coma.