SDCC 2010

We came, we saw, we conquered. Once again, geeks took over beautiful San Diego, California for the annual San Diego Comic-Con. Where you’re free to be yourself or a seven foot alien with two heads.

I flew in extra early this year to give myself adequate resting time before the actual show started but little did I know I wouldn’t be getting a second to breath before things kicked into high gear. “How?” you say? I found this in my lobby when I woke up Wednesday morning…

Yeah, that’s Stan Lee. He was staying at my hotel. Quite a way to start the day, no? He was extremely nice and he called me a “beautiful, young lady.” :)

As you probably know, Wednesday is “Preview Night” at the convention where professionals, press and those with four-day passes are allowed a sneak peak at the show floor for a few short hours. It’s not so much a “Preview Night” as it is a “I’m a money-grubbing fiend who’s going to buy up all the exclusive toys so I can sell them on Ebay at exorbitant prices later.” Ok, that’s not everybody but I did see several people hobbling around the floor with ten giant bags filled with merchandise. And for the record, pros and press aren’t allowed to purchase on preview night.

It was surprisingly crowded but I managed to take a quick sweep around the floor to see some of the bigger booths I knew would be impassable for me in my scooter the next few days. The main draw for me was the Warner Bros. booth where they were housing several delectable props. A giant display case held all seven Horcruxes from the Harry Potter films plus a few other items but for some reason the lights weren’t on so I couldn’t get very good pictures. But luckily this fella came along with his own light source. Abin Sur. Or rather, Abin Sur’s corpse in a medical chamber from the Green Lantern film. It. Was. Awesome.
Almost as awesome as this…
After the show floor closed, I went for a walk in the downtown San Diego area known as the Gaslamp Quarter and ran into not only Rob Liefeld and Robert Kirkman but J.J. FREAKING ABRAMS!! I cannot tell you how ridiculously nice and gracious he was. When I told him how much I loved his work it was like he was hearing that compliment for the first time.
Later on that night I met Seth Green at another hotel who was also very nice. This was only the first day people!

Thursday brought my very first panel (pictured at the top of this post by Moderated by Kristin from the Geek Girls Network, it hosted these intelligent and talented ladies: Morgan Romine, Kiala Kazebee, Kari Byron, Bonnie Burton, Sarah Kuhn, Veronica Belmont and Marian Call. To say it was a success is an understatement. When I got to the panel room a half hour early to check in I noticed a very large line. Turns out that line was for our panel! They absolutely underestimated the turnout as it was standing room only and many people were not able to get in at all. I was incredibly nervous but once it all got underway I was fine, mostly because it was a blast! We were joking and talking so much we didn’t even have time for audience questions. I know there were some people taking video in the audience so hopefully that will show up soon.

The same goes for my second panel the following day, “Where Are the Action Chicks?” Moderated by Katrina Hill, I joined Adrianne Marie Curry, Cindy Morgan, Clare Kramer, Jennifer K. Stuller, Gina Misiroglu, Marjorie Liu and J. Michael Straczynski on stage. Morgan, Liu and Straczynski had to leave early for signings or other engagements but it was a very cool panel both before and after. This one was part of the Comic Arts Conference and had more of an educational slant to it. We had a few audience questions but it was very informal, more like a discussion group, which was really cool.
EDIT: Here’s video from WATAC.

Friday I got to see Milla Jovovich in person at the Resident Evil: Afterlife panel in Hall H. Need I say more? Ok, actually I’m surprised I kept it together. I didn’t meet her or anything but this is actually the first time I’ve seen her speak live and it was really exciting for someone who’s as big a fan as I am. One of the audience members asked her to say “Multipass” and she did. Twice.

And then there was this little incident on my way out of the hall. You may have heard about it. To me, on the opposite side of the hall, it sounded as if one of the stars had just been spotted and people were making a fuss over catching a glimpse. I saw the police rush in about a minute later and found out via Twitter that it was actually a stabbing that had occurred. No more nerd-on-nerd violence, ok?
Let’s lighten the mood with something adorable for a second.

On Friday the DC Comics booth had a lot of cool stuff going on. I got to meet one of my favorite writers, Gail Simone, for the first time. I want her to be my adoptive mom because she appreciates naked Catman as much as I do.

There were tons of toys and other merchandise to preview and absolutely none to buy. I really hate that. It’s totally “look but don’t touch.” You guys know I can’t wait for this one…

This epic, EPIC Darkseid cosplayer was mulling around the booth as well. I would not want to run into him in a dark alley.

Friday night was the Geek Girls & Friends Tweetup hosted by myself, Kristin and Geek Girl Diva. I was so exhausted from the day I got there an hour late and found out I couldn’t get into my OWN party! The establishment told us we were at capacity and couldn’t let anyone else in. Eventually I was let in and got to meet a bunch of great people, some I knew, some I didn’t. It was a really fun party complete with geek films being played in the background, a DJ (our friend ABoyNamedArt) and tons of prizes to give out. We’re sorry if you weren’t able to make it or get in because of the crowd. Look for it to be bigger and better next year for sure!

Saturday was reserved for my Ravager cosplay but I had a lot of fun taking pictures of other amazing cosplayers the entire weekend. Here are a few that made an impression.

These folks gathered after the Green Lantern panel to take some pictures with Geoff Johns. There were Red and Orange Lanterns on the left and a Star Sapphire on the right but I couldn’t get them all in one shot. I was most impressed with Black Lantern Wonder Woman and wary of her battle ax.

I’m extremely sad I never thought of this. I saw a picture online of another girl in a TARDIS dress, I wonder if they coordinated.

It was too cramped for me to get a full shot of Hawkgirl’s wings but let me tell you, they were huge! And I can’t even imagine how long it took to put all the feathers together. It made for a really cool look.

Gotta love Lobo. If memory serves me, the back of his vest read, “Suck it Fanboys.”

No, this wasn’t a cosplay. Although there were countless zombies walking around throughout the weekend, this was the fantastic booth AMC put together for their new The Walking Dead series. There was a woman lying dead on the floor to the right as well. And the trailer for the show lives up to expectation. I can’t wait!!

So that’s that. My second SDCC come and gone. Honestly it was one big blur. Fun but exhausting is what I keep telling everyone. I’d love to but I’m not sure I’ll go next year. I may skip it to go to a few other shows people have been begging me to attend forever like WonderCon and Dragon*Con but we’ll see.
I know, I know. One thing was missing from this whole recap – my costumes. Look for a giant post about them tomorrow complete with awesome professional shots! EDIT: Here it is!

7 Responses to “SDCC 2010”

  1. mandalyn says:

    You should defintely try to get to HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC. It's an awesome Convention. And it's just comics. Fantastic show. The guys at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find really go above and beyond to make it family friendly and enjoyable for everyone. I highly recommend it. Can't wait to see your costume post! And I'm jealous that you got to meet all those awesome people! :D

  2. Kol Drake says:

    You kick backside girl!
    PLUS, you got to get a pic with Stan 'The Man' Lee !!! Outstanding… plus tons of cool pictures. Wish I could have been there for the panels (and parties). excellent stuff Ms Bird.

  3. Chronic Geek says:

    Congrats on meeting all those cool people and being on the panel. Loved the photos!

  4. Cderosby says:

    The AMC booth is incredible. Congrats on meeting Stan the Man AND JJ.

  5. Eleni says:

    Wow, sounds like an amazing time. J.J. frakkin' Abrams? Stan frikkin' Lee? Wow. Awesome.

  6. RussellMania says:

    You had an epic first day same as mine. I didn't get to there till Friday but not 10 minutes out of the car walking to the convention center we ran into Kevin Smith…SWEET! Sorry I missed the Tweet Up as I had only one hour sleep in two days and sleep finally beat me Friday night. Next time…for sure. I did get to see your and the AFC's Where Are the Action Chicks? panel though…great job ladies!