Share Your Thoughts on Doctor Who’s “Smile”

The second episode of Doctor Who Season 10 was titled “Smile,” but did it make you grin? Share your thoughts with fellow Whovians here!

Last week’s discussion is here in case you missed it. I thought “Smile” was a good, simple adventure episode. While I appreciate continuity and nods to the past, and Pearl Mackie’s Bill will undoubtedly see her own story grow, it’s actually quite a relief to watch an episode that’s not bogged down by what came before.

Artificial intelligence as an indigenous culture was a very interesting idea, too bad we didn’t see what came next as it would likely be a lot more interesting than what came before. I’ll also admit to being relived Nardole wasn’t along for this adventure and I’m even more curious as to what’s in the vault. Any theories yet? Share your thoughts on the episode in the comments and feel free to discuss this week’s Class as well. Just note “Class spoilers” before your comment so folks can skip over if need be.

And here’s some videos you might be interested in. Behind-the-scenes…

The Aftershow…

Next week’s previews:

And a new coming up this season featuring The Master…

9 Responses to “Share Your Thoughts on Doctor Who’s “Smile””

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  2. MisterShoebox says:

    The first 40 minutes of it were great! Chilling, even. REALLY reminded me of Classic Who. The ending had me literally screaming “Bullshit!” at my TV screen, much to the alarm of my father, who was watching it with me.

  3. Mark Wyman says:

    Hearing 12 sneer at emoji’s caused an immediate flashback to “The Bells of St. Johns” and 11 sneering about Clara making a joke about Twitter. The Doctor has no love for social media it seems.

  4. I’m glad whoever programmed the robots gave them an option for murderous emoji!

  5. VBartilucci says:

    What’s interesting is we’re seeing a return to the formula of settings – Start in modern day, move to distant future, travel back to Victorian England. Same format they used for quite a few of the earlier seasons of the new series.

  6. Ciella says:

    I keep seeing “Doctor Who is good again!” on twitter. If this is the case, I might actually watch it for the first time in years, lol. I fell off around the time Orphan Black premiered. I remember my husband and I feeling like we were only watching DW because the show we really wanted to watch was coming on after. Once it felt like a chore we dropped it.

    • TCE says:

      I think you should try it at least! I haven’t been watching since Capaldi’s first couple of episodes, but I’m enjoying this season so far. It feels different. *knock on wood*

  7. Troy Lenze says:

    I liked it. It felt like a formulaic episode of DW, which is a good thing to me. I don’t think it’ll be one I remember forever, but sometimes you need the formulaic episodes to let new characters like Bill find their footing.

    • TCE says:

      I very much appreciate that too! Especially if non-formulaic is Moffat’s version of different and exciting. This is more enjoyable than that.