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Your new spot to discuss anything under the sun. Moving on over from the last Speak, Nerd, and Enter!

I’ll start you off with a topic, Rhode Island is neither a road nor and island. Discuss.

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  1. […] move on over from the last open thread and let everyone know what you’re up to this week, what you did this weekend, or anything […]

  2. Nuuni Nuunani says:

    Wonder Womans getting her own movie
    Carol Danvers is getting her own movie

    Harley Quinn is heading a movie that might very well be Birds of Prey VS Gotham Sirens

    And on the comics side, Bombshells is doing so well that Barbara Gordon will be getting a one shot in this universe as the worlds first superhero.

    Wonder Woman has her own book, Legends of Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman ’77 going for her. ^^
    Gwen Stacy has multiple books.

    Harley Quinn has multiple books.
    Birds of Prey is returning and Ms Marvel is doing well for herself.

    And in television, Supergirl will be the biggest show on CW by a wide margin, which could very well herald a Vixen solo in an effort to replicate its success.

  3. Spidey Super Comments says:

    NYCC fan verification is up! And its a marketing survey? What.

  4. Okay, so there’s this guy who comes in through my mall regularly (has for the last 3 years at least, and I’ve seen him regularly while working at two different stores). And he’s honestly a creeper. Like, I had a co-worker who he only ever referred to as Pocahontas, and one time asked how much to buy her. She’s black. And then after that, he wants to talk about Jesus. So he shows up to my store this morning and proceeded to talk the ear off my (female, pretty) co-worker about his life story for about 30 minutes while she was trying to work. Turns out he’s Lance Armstrong’s dad. Weird, weird world.

    • the silver ravens says:

      What?! That sucks and is really weird…how old is he?

      • 60’s probably. He claims to be Terry Armstrong, Lance Armstrong’s stepfather, and there’s some interviews with him online regarding the whole doping scandal, but I can’t actually find a photo of him just to make sure it’s actually him. But my co-worker said he was showing her pictures on his phone of Lance Armstrong, so he could very well be legit.

        No less creepy, though.

  5. SpottedSeaJelly says:

    Wondering if I should spend this upcoming weekend binge watching Orphan Black or if I should try to be productive and get real stuff done.

    And now I wish I had a treadmill because I just realized I could get so much exercise if I could binge watch tv while walking. But I don’t think my downstairs neighbor would appreciate the noise of a treadmill. I wonder if a stationary bike would be quiet enough to not bother the neighbors.

    • Pontifex says:

      Watching Orphan Black isn’t ‘doing real stuff’?
      Who’da thunk it?

    • Have you already watched all of OB and just want to rewatch or looking to catch up?

      • SpottedSeaJelly says:

        I’ve seen the first 2 or 3 episodes. I had actually tried watching it as episodes came out but just kept forgetting to watch them and then wound up waaaaaaaaay behind.

  6. I would like to thank Agents of SHIELD for killing of its two worst characters in a single stroke. https://mattthecatania.wordpress.com/2016/05/18/agents-of-shields-tepid-third-finale-killed-the-right-characters/

    • WheelchairNinja says:

      **hopefully** Lincoln and the walking Aussie stereotype??? (NO SPOILERS, HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET!)

    • Pontifex says:

      Seriously! Can’t people wait even the live+8 that the ratings do. Not
      everyone watches the same night anymore. Same with this weeks “Flash”. I was just about to watch the finale; it is cued up and ready to go.

      This was TMI.

      • Your opinion of who the two worst characters are may be entirely different than mine.

        • Pontifex says:

          I realize that, but I did not know at all that two characters were to die.

          And last night someone on the mothership, without warning, started live-watching The Flash, again, just as I was about to watch it.

          So, if I sound cranky, I apologize, but I’ve sort of had it with casual spoilage.

    • Pontifex says:

      I shooda known better… I dunno ’bout one, but t’other had to go. It was time.

  7. I watched the trailer for Conviction (ABC’s new Hayley Atwell show) again, to see if I changed my mind about it. Still bad… and embarrassing… and bad…


    I’m no longer excited for it. I’m gonna watch it just for Hayley :(

  8. future warrior space princess says:

    today i discovered a new super power. i can tell, just by looking at a person, whether there is an ANIMAL or a BABY in that stroller they’re pushing. thanks, retail job!

    my LCS, which typically has a very dudebro-y, dudes-only, yo dude! graphic novel collection (as in they carry Jason Aaron’s Thor: God of Thunder, but not Jason Aaron’s Thor: GODDESS of Thunder. Man-Captain Marvel only, no Kamala Khan, etc), somehow has a bunch of out of print Wonder Woman titles (well, not a BUNCH, but enough). George Perez, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone. I don’t have the funds to pick them all up at once, but every couple weeks I’m grabbing a title here and there. My first time reading some of these trades. Greg Rucka. SO GOOD. George Perez, that art, OMG! I’m embarrassed to admit I’d dismissed Perez’s run in the past, thinking they were “old looking”, despite hearing over and over how iconic his WW is. Shame on me! Happily eating crow this evening.

    • Perez’ and Simone still have my favorite Wonder Woman runs to date, though De Liz on the currently running Legend of Wonder Woman is well on her way to that list as well. I liked a lot about Rucka’s Wonder Woman, but I wish the Medusa storyline had played out in a completely different way.

      • future warrior space princess says:

        Awesome to hear! So excited for Legend to come out in trade after flipping thru one random issue that was left on the store shelf. The WW titles since Gail Simone’s run have left me cold, but this one does seem like a great take.

        • I’d also say there’s a lot to like about Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman: Earth One, though there are also some major flaws with it as well. It focused on Wonder Woman as essentially a pacifist (there are no fight scenes in the book) and the Amazons being technologically advanced adds so much to them and Wonder Woman’s whole mythos that I wish it would get added into the main line books. Honestly, Azzarello’s New 52 Wonder Woman was a perfectly fine comic with excellent art on its own, but it was a terrible Wonder Woman comic. If they could just combine the best parts of Legend and Earth One, I want that to full out replace the mainline New 52 Wonder Woman.

  9. bandit_queen says:

    Finally got around to reading the FCBD Civil War issue. Gotta say, as a Carol/Rhodey shipper, I’m having lots of feelings, and most of them are somewhere in the vicinity of please give Rhodey a damn break.

  10. Currently batting down silly ghostbusters fans on twitter. How are you?

  11. the silver ravens says:

    I actually have a few weeks of free time before school starts again…what should i do? Any good video games come out recently that i missed?

    • future warrior space princess says:

      as someone who is procrastinating on school work RIGHT NOW, i envy you! hope you are able to enjoy the break. i’m not at all up to date on new game releases, but just picked up Dishonored (admittedly kinda old at this point) for my xbone. so frustrating! forgive me if you are already familiar w it: there is an option to play a passive run instead of killing everyone in your way, but i keep getting caught and having to reload… and the loading screens are so. long. ugh.

  12. wondercube says:

    Who shall volunteer as tribute to be my boyfriend?

  13. Happy belated Miracle Monday to everyone.

  14. Adrian says:

    Anyone else going to watch this show, Still Star-Crossed?


    It’s by Shonda Rimes, about Juliet’s cousin Rosaline, after Romeo and Juliet croak.

    • bandit_queen says:

      I will absolutely give it a shot. Could be great, could be terrible, but I’m definitely curious about it.

    • Krystal C. says:

      I’m up for anything Shonda makes. ♥

    • Pontifex says:

      Can you tell me what format the missing info is in? Or what site is linked to?

      ‘Cause I got nothin’.

  15. the silver ravens says:

    what if captain america was a magical girl series? i really want this actually https://twitter.com/theyoungdoyler/status/731267219863277569/photo/1

  16. wondercube says:

    What Marvel movies would you say are essential for a newcomer to the MCU and which do you imagine are more or less filler? I saw Civil War with my friend who’s never seen an MCU movie before, so I wanted to watch more with her without forcing like 15 movies down her throat.

    • the silver ravens says:

      id say ,thor, captain american, iron man before seeing avengers, (i still havnt seen iron man 2 or hulk actually), cap 2, ultron, then i think you can go right into civil war if you are trying to catch up to that

    • bandit_queen says:

      I’d say it depends on what she liked about Civil War, really. Because some MCU movies have very different tones–someone who loves Winter Soldier might not dig Ant-Man, and someone who strongly sided with Cap in CW might not be all that into Iron Man, you know?

    • George Trello says:

      I’d personally say the other two Cap movies are essential, but the best thing would be to figure out what characters in Civil War most intrigued her (that have appeared in prior movies) and go from there. Also, despite it being one of the best so far, Guardians isn’t necessary since it doesn’t connect as solidly. Maybe after the sequel (supposedly) brings them to Earth or as background to Infinity War but those are both far off.

    • Adrian says:

      I think it would depend entirely on what she found interesting about Civil War. You could safely skip Hulk, Thor, GOTG, and maybe even Iron Man 2. Not because they are bad, but because they don’t have much relevance to what she saw in Civil War.

      • George Trello says:

        lol, I forgot about Hulk, even after having just seen Ross in CW. Yeah, that’s def a skipper

        • Adrian says:

          I’m actually hoping they get Liv Tyler as Betty to return in a future Marvel movie(s). TIH wasn’t the best movie but it was better than Ang Lee’s first Hulk movie. It’s a shame we don’t really have a good Hulk movie.

          • wondercube says:

            I’m hoping the P4 rumors prove to be true, and we get Ruffalo starring in his own Hulk movie. I’m *also* hoping Betty Ross comes back at that point, but potentially as Red She-Hulk… I’ve never actually seen TIH, though.

          • Adrian says:

            It’s not bad, it’s just not on the same level as the post-Iron Man MCU. It’s very much proto-MCU, you can see Marvel was exercising more creative control than usual but they weren’t quite there yet.

    • Marie says:

      Agree with Adrian. Nearly everyone’s there, so you can kind of pick whomever she found most interesting. If i had to pick I’d say the Avengers movies are essential for learning who everyone is and what’s going on. Probably also IM1 and Winter Soldier.