Superhero Style

I may have been in the pages of Elle Magazine once but that doesn’t mean I know anything about fashion. French clothing retailer Colette does though. They’ve teamed with several designers and DC for some very interesting superhero duds you may or may not want but couldn’t buy anyway because they cost a fortune.

The limited designs are being featured in Colette’s window in Paris to celebrate DC’s 75th anniversary. For about $250 you can pick up these Flash suede ballerina shoes designed by Repetto. Next to the mile-high Catwoman boots (with whiskered toes!) by Roger Vivier, these are my favorite. Though the boots are the priciest item of the bunch at a whopping $2,400.

If you can afford to spend a little cash and want to be the coolest kid on the block you’ll purchase the Thierry Lasry Plastic Man Swarovski crystal sunglasses for $490. “I was always a fan of comics,” said Lasry, “Plastic man with his sunglasses is my favorite.”

And if you’re really a fan of the bling, might I suggest leather gloves encrusted with stones inspired by…wait for it…Green Lantern. “The great powers of Green Lantern are transformed thanks to the emerald of these gloves…In super power of elegance and seduction!” said their designer, Karl Lagerfeld. Six hundred dollars is a small price to pay for saving the universe in style I guess.

No one, and I mean no one is going to look at you twice wearing this Joker bow-tie by Alexis Mabille. It’s scary as hell but only $170. Actually no, that’s scary too.

On the cheap/simple side are Batman and Superman caps by New Era for $45 and designers My Face have created several comic book cover t-shirts and tank tops for $60 a pop. It appears they come in color or black and white versions. Both pretty cool, both waaaay too much to pay for a t-shirt. I guess this is why I shop at Target.

6 Responses to “Superhero Style”

  1. A lot of the items look cheap and effortless (not a compliment) but are WAY over priced. The Joker Bow looks…I would say childish but I don't want to insult children. Those flats are a mockery of the fashion and comic book industry. And the red and blue dress, presumably inspired by Wonder Woman- three words: Party. City. Reject. I have more to say, especially about the gloves, but I'm going to stop and calm it down. I agree with @lly the G33kt@stic, it would be cheaper to make the things at home (and they'd probably look better too).

  2. If I only had the money to buy those shoes … wow!


  3. Mandy says:

    I wish I could get to the site to look at the rest, but I think you broke it, Jill. ;)

    While I like the idea of a high-fashion DC collection, it seems to me that the people who can afford it (and those who shop at Colette) might not get the significance? But that's me being cynical and stereotypical.

    P.S.-Those Flash flats would be a cinch to whip up. ;)

  4. DarkTouch says:

    I'm actually kind of fascinated by DCs 'license everything' tactic for advertising their 75th anniversary. The goal doesn't seem to be to make money… and even though these items are priced high it feels more like they're priced high because they're fashion items and that's what you're supposed to charge rather than because DC is trying to soulessly steal my money.

  5. They are really really pricey.It makes fabric paint, old tees, and fabric printer paper look easy in comparison.

    There's always Etsy too if you're lazy.

  6. Arturo says:

    The sad thing here is that these items are priced out of the range of a lot of people who'd otherwise buy them in a minute. Gosh, next thing you know they'll be charging $3.99 for a comic!