And You Thought I Wrote a Lot Last Week…


As I do every week to make it easier for you to find my work elsewhere online, here’s links to articles from me on HitFix Harpy and Blastr! Tell your friends!

I worked the holiday weekend so there are even more pieces at HitFix Harpy than the “new” usual:

If you’re ever looking for something from me at HitFix you can always click on my byline there which takes you to my author page with everything I’ve done.

My latest recap at Blastr (shares and comments on this, and all these pieces, appreciated!):

Another reminder that you’re seeing more HitFix Harpy links because I’ve taken on more work for financial reasons. Unfortunately the Patreon as it stands isn’t supporting me quite as well as I’d hoped. It doesn’t mean I’ll be neglecting The Nerdy Bird, it just means I’ll be working a lot more.

If you enjoy my content here and the curation of nerdy things I provide via my social media accounts, please considering becoming a Patron for $2 or more a month, ($2 a month is just $24 a year for all my content) it makes a huge difference to me! I’ve also recently set up a PayPal page for those who may not be able to swing a monthly donation but can chip in here and there. As always, shares on social media of any of my work is greatly appreciated!!

This weekend I’ll be celebrating TMS creator Susana Polo’s birthday at a very special place…keep an eye on my Twitter.

9 Responses to “And You Thought I Wrote a Lot Last Week…”

  1. Evelyn Starshine says:

    Really Cool! Thanks for linking them!!
    Do you have enough ideas for future articles? or like, want suggestions?

    • I’m always open to hearing suggestions for sure! The stuff I do at Hitfix, because it’s part time/freelance is just blog-type stuff though so I don’t get too in depth there. But that’s what TNB is for!

      • Evelyn Starshine says:

        I was thinking Cleverman might be a good subject for an article, cos of how it’s subject matter and cast are so different from most shows? Its an australian fantasy show.

  2. WheelchairNinja says:

    1: That Deadpool caller was awesome.
    2: If I’m paying that much for a lightsaber, it had better freaking work. But charging over a thousand dollars for one that doesn’t even light up or have sound or anything? Not even a jedi mind trick could get me to drop that kind of cash.
    3: From what I know about Rupert Grint, Hufflepuff sounds like the perfect choice. And I *don’t* mean that as an insult.

    Oh, and have fun at Susana’s birthday, Jill! Tell her we said hi!