Too soon for Halloween?

Never! For me Halloween can’t come soon enough. I’ll probably just wear my Red Lantern costume this year, since I put so much time and money into it, but I ran (giggle) across this today and am actually tempted. I give you, Sexy Flash.

I’m not usually a fan of male or wholesome costumes made sexy just for the sake of it (for example: Sexy Freddy Krueger) but I have to say I think “Sexy Flash” is pretty damn cute. Though honestly, I’d much rather have a Lady Savitar costume. I found these after surfing around 80s Tees for a while. This is what else I found.

Holy…..MOTHER OF GOD BATMAN!!! In case you were wondering, yes, it does have a cape.
It’s called a “costume hoodie.” I call it, “Scare the crap out of Jill.” Thanks has to go out to Matt (from No Cure for Comics) who first pointed out the Green Lantern equivalent to me on Twitter. They also have Aquaman and Superman, with no masks of course so, you know, what’s the point?

13 Responses to “Too soon for Halloween?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    sexy Freddy Krueger? O.O WTF!?!?!??

    But I concur that Sexy Flash would be….nice! ;)

    Hope to see you in it soon! :)

  2. Rey says:

    Sorry, I meant Jesse Quick. Damn whiskey get's me every

  3. My husband works for a Halloween costume company, I've been in the warehouse – you'd honestly be shocked silly at what they'll turn into a "sexy" costume.

    Though I think the "Sexy Sponge Bob" gave me the most nightmares…

  4. That's pretty sweet Walnut. Looks like you've been painting your living room all day, but nice.

    Rey, Jonnie Quick?

    Justin, eek!

    Woody, I can see that.

    Thanks for linking that Kelson. It's nice to be able to see what it looks like on. Sometimes bought costumes are really terrible. That looks good though, I can see why you thought it was home made.

  5. Kelson says:

    I kept thinking that Flash costume looked familiar, until I looked back at my SDCC Flash Sightings post. I'd found a photo of someone wearing it at the con. At the time I didn't realize it was an off-the-shelf costume. I'm a little disappointed to learn it wasn't a custom-made variation.

  6. Woody! says:

    Never too soon for Halloween. Although, I have a feeling those hoodies will be used a lot by entrepreneurial-minded bank robbers.

  7. Stormtrooper hoodie that apparently suffocates you:

  8. David says:

    you take the costume, I'll take the girl underneath!

  9. 9freak9 says:

    Okay, the 'Lady Flash' costume is kinda cool, but they couldn't have used the Tangent Flash design? Now *that's* sexy!

  10. Rey says:

    I would actually wear that hoodie, it's kinda cool. As for a "sexy" Flash costume…wouldn't that be Jonnie Quick?

  11. Walnut says:

    The only hoodie like that I find ok is the Boba Fett one.