Twin Peaks Jewelry From RockLove Has Something to Tell You

RockLove has created some gorgeous licensed jewelry from Star Trek, Outlander, Mass Effect, Vikings, Stargate and more but now they’ve gone and entered the Black Lodge. Check out their new exclusive collaboration with Showtime and Twin Peaks featuring pins, rings, necklaces and more!

I’ve put RockLove in my holiday gift guide two years in a row and was writing about them even before that. In case you missed it, they also recently debuted a Guardians of the Galaxy collection featuring Baby Groot!

Owner Allison Hourcade Cimino is super nice and super nerdy so I couldn’t be more thrilled to see she’s now producing Twin Peaks merchandise. She calls it “a completely unique experience.”

“Chock full of repeated symbolism ranging from whimsical to ominous, the show includes a plethora of icons and unusual quotes, which have been the driving inspiration behind the jewelry collection,” she said. “Some designs are literal, featuring favorite lines from the original series and beloved imagery like coffee, cherry pie, and donuts. Then there are designs which are more Pop in style, inspired by the graphic elements of the Red Room.”

You won’t be able to get these in your hands in time for the big Showtime premiere this weekend but here’s the landing page for the Twin Peaks collection you see below. You should definitely check out all the rest of their fine wares too.

Cimino also noted, “The Damn Good Coffee Necklace was the very first idea I proposed and has remained my favorite since conception, however the minimalist Zig Zag Ring Set has been a lot of fun to stack and wear… and is a more subtle nod to the fandom.”

I absolutely adore the zig zag rings and necklace! Prices range from $6.99-$99 and some are also available in Showtime’s web shop. The Fire Walk With Me and Wonderful and Strange bracelets are available through Box Lunch exclusively. Twin Peaks debuts on Showtime Sunday, May 21st with a two-hour episode.

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  1. Is that gum I like going to come back in style?