Who Is She? Meet Wonder Woman’s Amazon Warriors

DC Comics celebrated the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman last year and on June 2 she’ll finally star in her own live-action film. But fans have been wondering, where is the Wonder Woman marketing?

The official website, the landing page on Warner’s site, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram all have fun images. Some even give you the opportunity to turn yourself into Wonder Woman. I did this on the main website a few weeks back:

And this one I noticed randomly on Snapchat recently:

But “random” seems to be the word of the week when it comes to Wonder Woman’s marketing. You shouldn’t have to navigate to those places in order to see the content, it should be popping up left and right. As my pal Geek Girl Diva noted at SyfyWire.com, that’s not happening. My other pal Donna Dickens looked at the amount of promotional videos released. There’s more content out already for Justice League, which doesn’t hit theaters until November, than there is for Wonder Woman which is set to debut on June 2. Coincidentally, WB dropped two surprise TV spots yesterday. Interesting timing.

But videos aren’t, and shouldn’t be, the only kind of marketing. For the most iconic female superhero coming to the big screen in her own film, directed by a woman (Patty Jenkins), I expected a lot more by now. Fans have been waiting a long time, and hardcore fans are excited regardless of the marketing fail, but to think this film sells itself is a ridiculous notion. There’s certainly a lot that could be done, and I’m sure we’ll see more next month, but instead of discussing specific tactics I wanted to focus on one of the biggest selling points of this film – the Amazons. For that, I had to go diving.

Besides Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, there are tons of Amazons in the film. Do you know their names?

The promotional shots have only featured a few of them while the trailers have shown countless, albeit nameless, warriors. I have no idea how long they’ll be in the film, it might be only the first 20 minutes, and I have no idea how many of them have speaking roles but that’s never stopped anyone from promoting characters before. I’m hoping Warner will give us character posters for some Amazons (or an epic group poster like this) but in case they don’t, I want them to shine a light on them. They worked hard. Here are your hella-diverse Amazons.

There are likely a lot more women involved but I pulled from the film’s imdb page for this list. We’ll start with the most prominent person after Godot, Connie Nielsen who plays Queen Hippolyta, Wonder Woman’s mother.

Robin Wright as General Antiope, she’s Hippolyta’s sister, Diana’s aunt.

Lisa Loven Kongsli is Menalippe (to the left of Gadot in the group photo above). This photo, and many others are not from the trailers but other films and the actors’ social media pages. The action is too fast in the trailers to make out most of them at this point.

Florence Kasumba, who you may also remember as Black Panther’s bodyguard Ayo from Captain America: Civil War and East from Emerald City, is Senator Acantha in the film.

Ann Ogbomo is Phillipus. She must have impressed WB, she was also recently cast as Primus Alura Zod for Syfy’s Krypton.

Ann Wolfe is Artemis. She’s a well-regarded boxer who held world titles in three different weight classes simultaneously. She retired back in 2006 but has been training others since.

[Edit: Here’s a shot from the film Wolfe posted to Twitter. Bad. Ass.]

Eleanor Matsuura is Epione and I think I’m in love with her.


A post shared by Eleanor Matsuura (@eleanormatsuura) on

Fun shoot today with a gorgeous crew #nuit

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Doutzen Kroes is Venelia.

Celebrating 150 years of @harpersbazaarus tonight in #nyc ❤️ #bazaar150 @tiffanyandco #bazaar150xtiffany

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Mayling Ng is Orana and her Instagram page tells me she’s the Amazon making that amazing leap off the cliff while firing an arrow.

Samantha Jo is Euboea. She’s also a stuntperson who’s worked on Scott Pilgrim, Man of Steel (also acted in that), and Agents of SHIELD. Check out this interview she did earlier this month on the film.

[Edit: An Amazon costume photo post-film release]

Had to get one pic flexing the guns! 💪🏽 #wonderwoman #gunshow #amazon

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Jacqui-Lee Pryce is Niobe. This is an image from Human on her reel. For anyone who remembers that NBC miniseries The 10th Kingdom, look again and you’ll see her playing a troll. Here’s a link to her Instagram.

[Edit: An Amazon costume photo post-film release]

Madeleine Vall is Egeria.

When troll goes business…👔 Photo: @photoartistpam #model #modeling #contrast #business #fighter #portrait #photoshoot

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Brooke Ence is Penthiselea.

Tilly Powell and Jemma Moore are both listed on imdb as “Queens Guard,” perhaps seen here?

Powell has done stunts on tons of action films but it’s hard to find a useable photo of her. She’s middle/bottom on this picture:

And Moore:

Zinnia Kumar is listed as “Amazonian Warrior & Entourage.” [Edit: updated on IMDB to “Amazon Townsfolk”] In my search I found out she’s a published scientist!

Big hair don’t care! #bondgirl vibes. #naturalhair

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Marie Jackson is an “Amazonian War Council Member.”

Black and white #shoot#modelling#style#fashion#actorslife#shooting#photooftheday#instagood#hairstyles

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Jolie Stanford is listed as an “Amazonian Warrior.”

She also had a cute group shot on her account:

[Edit: An Amazon costume photo post-film release]

Georgina Armstrong (also known as Georgina Rawlings) is another “Amazon Warrior.” She’s done stunts for Thor, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises among others. She’s an equestrian athlete and according to her Instagram, Gadot’s riding stunt double.

Andrea Vasiliou is another Amazonian Warrior.

[Edit: An Amazon costume photo post-film release]

And another group shot of the “feisty warriors.”

Are we done? Well, I ran out of names but here are more Amazons seen in the trailers!


And we shouldn’t forget two other major women in the cast. The fantastic Lucy Davis as Etta Candy…

And Elena Anaya as Maru/Doctor Poison.

For the record, I’d like to know more about these guys in your marketing too, WB.

Wonder Woman is an incredible character and I’m so glad we’re finally close to seeing her in her own film. But she’s not an island, she was just created on one.

[UPDATE: June 14] What’s that? 31 more Amazons?? Check them out here!

14 Responses to “Who Is She? Meet Wonder Woman’s Amazon Warriors”

  1. Corgi . says:

    Josette Simon from Blake’s Seven is also listed in the credits! I think she’s in the scene where Hippolyta speaks to the Senator.

  2. Jen Frankel says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this of me and my fellow Amazons! What an incredible experience and movie! <3

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  5. TayMay says:

    They’re wasting precious time on the promotion and wasting a huge resource and maybe what should have been the main theme of the whole movie: the Amazons. Their potential is unbelievable. They could have done a lot better with the casting given that most of the doesn’t have speaking roles, which is in itself already a shame. They have people with a huge follow like Doutzen but they’re wasting that away. On the other hand, Hippolyta seems to be a toned down character and the main and more interesting Amazon character seems to be Antiope, which makes totally sense because Robin Wright is a terrific actress capable of stealing the whole show with her acting (and looks!). But all I see is that Steve Trevor has at least 50% if not more of screen time in the trailers so far, and the Amazons have been relegated to extras. Shame shame shame.

  6. Amy Levesque says:

    Thank you so much for this. I wanted to know more about the cast and you seem to have nailed it. I cannot wait for this movie and it’s getting so close now.

  7. Vel Venturi says:

    Great article. I can’t wait to see these Amazons. The women playing them look like they are going to kick ass.

    I want Etta!

  8. Steven Moye says:

    Dang, that must’ve taken a while to put together, hopefully they do ramp up the marketing and feature these women more as the film gets closer. Granted, I know it’s close now, but a part of me’s thinking they’re waiting till Guardians is out/out of the way to push it harder.

  9. lev36 says:

    Impressive bunch! Especially Ann Wolfe; she’s amazing.

    • lev36 says:

      Although the “boob plate” armor is a li’l disappointing. Won’t stop me from watching it, though!

  10. MisterShoebox says:

    Doctor Poison, huh? Odd choice, but then again I don’t think Wondy has what you’d call a “Worst enemy.” Giganta, Cheetah, and Circe may come close, but then you’d have “Overblown Villain” syndrome.

    Personally, I would have gone with Doctor Psycho as the Wondy Baddie, but that’s just me.

    • I think he and the Cheetah are the most promising for a sequel. She can cause a lot of trouble and he has an interesting story for a modern movie, with his hatred of women.
      The main villain in this first movie is Ares and that is okay, so Dr. Poison will be more like a nod to the past.

    • Lukey Targ says:

      Honestly it could be Doctor Cyber or Baroness Paula Von Gunther, but given the chemicals things it’s likely Doctor Poison though they could easily do an amalgam.