Who’s your Batman?

When people hear I’m a Batman fan for the first time they usually wind up asking me who my favorite Batman is. My answer – Kevin Conroy. While some other actors have done a great job portraying my favorite superhero/billionaire, no one has ever captured him as completely as Conroy for me. So when I saw the newly Twittered Conroy post a link to a clip of him acting in Matlock back in the day, I was interested to see what he’d look, and especially sound, like.
I usually only saw Conroy as THE VOICE (in fact, Newsarama just named him #1 perfectly cast voice actors) and while I knew he had a career doing more than that, this was the first time I actually saw him act. I couldn’t get over how much he reminded me of Bruce Wayne! As I watched his lips move I actually saw the cowl surrounding the rest of his face.
Of course that got me thinking (as Batman has a tendency to get me to do), what would it have been like if Conroy had played the Dark Knight back then? Well, I called in a favor from a friend and…

I think my job here is done.

16 Responses to “Who’s your Batman?”

  1. Isn't it obvious?

  2. Zannid says:

    Love your blog and am a new follower. Would appreciate it so very much if you wouldn't mind following me back.

    Thank you

  3. Yes! And he has the sexiest voice ever. Sigh.

  4. Janis Lane says:

    I had to fist pump the air when I read this. I completely agree, Kevin Conroy has got Batman down perfectly. That cowl also made me crack up.

  5. Aaron says:

    Adam West, then Diedrich Bader. Yeah, sorry. lol

  6. CDerosby says:

    Jill, I'd forgotten about that one. That was the first picture I'd seen of the man. I think I commented as much on FB too. He is the best Batman ever.

  7. Budd says:

    um, Kevin Smith.

  8. Who is my Batman? I'd have to say Bruce Wayne :)

    Live action, I guess I'd say Michael Keaton. He was way too short, but that was my first Batman.

  9. There's a picture of him and I together on my facebook from when I interviewed him.

  10. Oooo.. one more ting… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Conroy he's looking a bit haggard for 55, but he's still got it…vocally.

  11. Lest we forget, the emotional and stirring vocal performance as Captain Sunshine, on the never Emmy Award nominated show, The Venture Brothers. It's so icky, so wonderfully icky. he's a great talent, that Kevin Conroy.

  12. I could certainly see Kevin as a live action Batman. He is the definative animated Batman, but my live action Bats will always be Michael Keaton from the first film

  13. Jon Hill says:

    Yep, he would be my first choice :)
    In much the same way as Mark Hamill will always be my Joker, or Peter Cullen will forever be Optimus Prime and so forth.
    No growly nonsense. Just 'the voice' that conveys badass.

  14. CDerosby says:

    I've tried searching online for pictures of him to no avail. Even on IMDB his profile picture was blank. Nice find Jill. Now you need to get him AND Mark Hamill together for an interview.

  15. The Nerd says:

    I agree…Kevin is the best. I did a poll on my blog last year on who was the best Batman. Christian Bale one, but Kevin Conroy tied for second.

  16. Amber Love says:

    Nice photoshop!! And thanks for the twitter link.