Harmony Bites…Andy Dick

It’s tough being a celebrity. You’ve got no privacy, the paparazzi are always around, it’s hard to tell who your real friends are, etc. It could be worse. You could be an “almost” celebrity. Like our girl Harmony from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sure, she was Miss Popularity in at Sunndydale High but after she was turned into a vampire her shot at fame seemed lost. That is until…

Dear god that figure sure looks a lot like Andy Dick! But it couldn’t be? Could it?

Yup. They really went there. Former Buffy scribe, Battlestar Galactica wonder girl and soon-to-be Dollhouse writer Jane Espenson wrote the script for the latest issue titled, “Harmonic Convergence.” This new issue is the first of a new arc which will consist of standalone stories to be written by a different author each time. Espenson has Harmony pitching a reality show to MTV (“No one knows what that stands for either, but they do reality shows.” Yup, they went there too.) with her as the hero and the villain.
A new 16-year-old slayer (Soledad, who’s name is not given in the issue) is called while receiving a beating from her fellow gang members. Needless to say, she turns the fight around and is soon contacted to join the Slayer army. She refuses to join another group of girls but decides killing vampires on  her own is a good idea. Eventually Soledad runs into Harmony, who’s hanging around with awesome Clem on her reality show, and attends a fake party in “the Hills” to get near her. Harmony manages to bag herself the inexperience Slayer and sucks her dry on camera. Of course ratings go through the roof. In the end, Anderson Cooper makes a guest appearance interviewing Harmony and discussing the “shadowy organization” of Slayers. 
I can’t be sure about Andy Dick or Anderson Cooper but MTV isn’t holding a grudge for their parody. Check out the bonus content on their site, a guest-blog written by Harmony (Espenson). For even more content visit Myspace Dark Horse Presents for extended hijinks with Clem and the back covers of B.P.R.D.: The Black Goddess #1, The Cleaners #2, Kull #3, or Solomon Kane #4 for a Harmony Q&A.
Next issue Kennedy and Satsu are back in action and headed to Japan! Editor Scott Allie promises another tie-in on the MDHP page as well. We’ll have to wait and see how this official outing of both vampires and Slayers will play out down the road. Oh! And next issue’s Jo Chen cover is gorgeous as usual but I’m pretty excited for how adorable the variant is.

5 Responses to “Harmony Bites…Andy Dick”

  1. jhota says:

    Buffy is the only book i read that i always get both covers.

    for that matter, it’s the only book i read that i ever get both covers.

  2. I think this arc will be hilarious. I always thought she was a fun little comic relief-I loved when she and Spike were ‘dating’. I always end up buying both covers because the jo chen one is so gorgeous but the other is usually really funny.

  3. Dan says:

    I never noticed before this issue just how much Andy Dick looks like a pre-vamp William. Coincidence? Hmm…

  4. I’m surprised she could own dogs without eating them. :)

  5. Steph says:

    Loved those silly little dogs. ;)