My Latest Articles at Blastr Fangrrls & HitFix Harpy in Case You Missed Them!

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You may recall I was a guest on the Blastr podcast not too long ago. Well other things were in the works and I’m currently recapping Orphan Black Season 4 for them! See what else I’ve been up to this week…

I didn’t get to do the premiere episode this season as I had just returned from my big trip but I’ll be doing them through the end of the season. Make sure to stop by Blastr and leave a comment!

And here’s my work at HitFix Harpy this week:

I also did an interview a while back for with author Seanan McGuire and Senior Editor Lee Harris about the fantastic novella Every Heart a Doorway. Check that out here: After “Ever After” — An Interview with Seanan McGuire and Lee Harris

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What are you doing this weekend?

3 Responses to “My Latest Articles at Blastr Fangrrls & HitFix Harpy in Case You Missed Them!”

  1. Tiger Millionare says:

    Every Heart a Doorway sounds so interesting, I’m so glad I read your article!

  2. George Trello says:

    Ooh, I missed the interview with Seanan McGuire. Every Heart A Doorway is on my shortlist of must buys, it sounds amazing. Cringing at a couple of the comments on that though, yeesh.