Superhero Watercolors That Won’t Wash Away

Not a lot of comic book artists use watercolor to bring their illustrations to life, mostly because it’s a more subtle medium that takes a lot of practice and even more time to dry. But seriously, only Ben Templesmith and Dustin Nguyen come to my mind when I think of them. Here are a few other fabulous artists using watercolors to make a splash.

Wow. Can I look like that? Michael Dooney, aka Doonboy on deviantART says, “The Byrne/Claremont X-Men will always be MY X-Men.”

ScottyShoemaker on deviantART does a great job of making the Main Man look like a little child but still totally badass.

One of my favorite artists, Christopher Uminga, takes on Marvels loudmouth Deadpool in his trademark way. Chris will be appearing at Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend. If you’re heading there tell him The Nerdy Bird sent ya and pick up one of his amazing prints. (Here’s his deviantart page as well.)

We can thank Thony Silas for this gorgeous view of Wonder Girl. Known as taguiar on deviantART, you can see he’s got a talent for drawing beautiful women.

What a solomn Spidey and Hulk we’ve got here. What could they be so sad about? That Jill doesn’t read their comics perhaps? Maybe. This one’s done by Julia Bax, an artist from Brazil who should be a star any day now. Her deviant art page told me she entered into DC’s Zuda competition recently with a title called, Mr. Trildok Sings the Blues.

Charles Holbert, aka KidNotorious on deviantART, has been collaborating on a comic called The Unique Tales but it’s his superhero/villain work that lured me in. I mean, how awesome is this Batman Rogues piece? He’s got a great sampling of all kinds of characters on his page so go check them out. Especially Weapon X.

5 Responses to “Superhero Watercolors That Won’t Wash Away”

  1. Cderosby says:

    It is gorgeous work. Love the Deadpool and Joker pics the best.


  2. Randy says:

    Very nice art!

    If you hear any of them will be At Wizard World Chicago, let me know.

  3. 8Bit-Emma says:

    Very neat pieces.

    I love the feeling of the Wonder Girl picture and the angle she's at. Very cool.

  4. diana green says:

    Actually, a fair number of artists have used watercolor in comics. Jon Muth and Charles Vess immediately come to mind, and I know that Colleen Doran has at least experimented with it.
    The issue is not its use, but its facility of reproduction. Even with digital technology, it's hard to get watercolor to print accurately.

  5. Robert says:

    Wow, some seriously gorgeous art…