Welcome to the CW Family Melissa Benoist, Supergirl Officially Renewed

Melissa Benoist gets to continue her amazing work as Supergirl in a second season on The CW.

Variety says:

Even though the ratings suggested a move to CBS’s sister net, despite the buzz, the CW has repeatedly denied reports and dismissed questions that “Supergirl” would land at the network.

The move marks the first time a show on the air has shifted from CBS to the CW. However, projects have moved within the CBS portfolio in the past. Last year, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” was developed at Showtime, but when the cabler passed on the Rachel Bloom comedy, CW picked it up. In 2011, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s “Ringer” was in the pilot phase at CBS, before being greenlit at CW.

You may recall fans had been waiting anxiously since the Season 1 finale on CBS. While ratings weren’t where CBS wanted them to be, the fans were passionate and hopeful.


But even earlier this week when Syfy announced they were moving forward with David Goyer’s Superman prequel series Krypton, things were looking bleak. Thankfully they were able to work it all out.

Many tuned in for the crossover which brought The CW’s Flash (Grant Gustin) to CBS. Their rapport on screen was phenomenal so I have no doubt we’ll get more of that when things settle in at The CW.

The question remains, will everyone in the cast follow through to the new network and what sort of budget will they give the creators to work with? And will Kara be relegated to another Earth or will they somehow bring her in line with The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow?

[UPDATE] Small update, actor David Harewood tweeted Season 2 would get 22 episodes and that filming will be in Vancouver (like the other CW DC shows).

Co-creator Ali Adler had this to say.

[UPDATE #2] For anyone worried about Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant, The Hollywood Reporter’s report says:

Following a strong take-off, the show co-starring Calista Flockhart — who, despite being adamant about working in L.A., agreed to remain on the series with its move to Vancouver — came back down to earth and finished its 18-episode run with an average of 10 million total viewers.

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  3. the silver ravens says:

    I would love a better Amanda Waller the one from arrow didn’t feel right to me….Amanda Waller is one of my favorite characters in comics and i felt like they didn’t do her justice the version in the justice league was great

  4. Nuuni Nuunani says:

    Please don’t let them do a crisis on infinite Earths story. -_- We don’t need worlds merged together. That was a stupid idea.

    Even if Flash actually teased this back in the pilot of the first season…

    • the silver ravens says:

      i wouldnt mind if the worlds merged they could undo some of the weird choices on arrow like…killing a bunch of cool characters…

      • Nuuni Nuunani says:

        But its such a stupid plot device!!!

        It translates to the heroes failing to save billions of lives, a convuluted history revision, and it outright retcons everything that happened previously!

        And if they took the route of not rebooting everything, the end result would not change the status quo of Arrow in the slighest. If anything, it might change which hero was established first, but it would not be a huge change.

        And this is not even going into the fact that other worlds would need to be destroyed to make this happen!

        Keep in mind, the denizens of all those different Earths didn’t simply all migrate to the main Earth. They established the whole populations of Earth 2, S, Quality, and Charleton were outright destroyed in the event, save for a few random loved ones. With everyone who died during that event with the exception of Barry Allen being forgotten by anyone and everyone who survived, even their family.
        It was a gruesome event which if translated to television, would establish these heroes as utterly incapable and allowing the deaths of billions.

        • the silver ravens says:

          i really dont care about arrow any more actually i doubt they could do anything to bring me back to it.

          i was just thinking that It was a shame they had amazing characters like black canary and amanda waller and ect. that could be in other shows like the flash or super girl and didn’t properly utilize them


          now they are dead used in as plot devices to further oliver’s story and that it…

          yeah i guess you are right tho… just dont know what else they could do i am not smart enough to think of what else they would do lol maybe they could be in supergirl’s earth

          • Nuuni Nuunani says:

            That would actually be the classical solution to this.
            It might seem weird nowadays, but originally, Black Canary had a REALLY strange history. For she was originally in the JSA of Earth 2 and had aged along with the others. But in a strange twist that involved having her brain implanted into the body of a previously unknown daughter who existed in a vegetative state, she was up again, and ended up moving to the main Earth, looking the same as she did back in the Golden Age.

            And nowdays, you have multiple versions of Superman and such across the multiverse.

            But the crisis on infinite Earths merging solution is a lose lose situation.

            For whatever main Earth they pick would see the deaths of everyone else.

            Be it Supergirls world being doomed, killing off everyone from Catco and within Supergirls family.
            Or The Arrowverse which also means killing off the casts of Legends of Tommorow and Flash.

            But yeah, Flash is teasing Earth-2 Black Canary. So it could go that route. Though at this point im starting to think that it is actually Earth-3. As everyone whose shown up so far has been either an evil doppleganger of a hero, or a heroic version of a villain.

          • the silver ravens says:

            oooo that be cool a earth were all the villains are super heroes would be fun to play with

          • Nuuni Nuunani says:

            It was a thing in the comics, and everything we have seen with this world that Zoom is from, makes me think that this is such a world.

  5. Stephen "Soup" Strange says:

    Nuts, now I can’t watch it as it airs.

  6. The best part of Supergirl moving to The CW is now they can’t air Crazy Ex-Girlfriend at the same time!
    The pod will now contain David Ramsey playing another cousin named Dig-El.

  7. silaria says:

    So long as we’re talking about plotlines we’d like to see — I’d love an episode with Tom Welling, Henry Cavill, and Brandon Routh guest starring. They wouldn’t even have to be named characters, just extras in scenes. And Kara gets steadily more weirded out throughout the episode, because she keeps seeing her cousin around town but he acts like he doesn’t recognize her…

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  9. WheelchairNinja says:

    **sheds a single tear for Cat Grant**

  10. I am in love with this news! Since they have to skirt around avoiding showing Clark anyway, how nice would it be to relocate the cast/city into “Earth 1?”

    First season was so much fun, and I’m ready for more.

  11. Ultimately, I think this is good news. I always thought Supergirl doesn’t fit CBS very well. Plus, it already had an excellent crossover with The Flash, they can do this a little more now (but not with Arrow, I hope. Supergirl’s world doesn’t fit well in Arrow).

    But… someone knows if Calista Flockhart will stay? I read somewhere that she wouldn’t move away from L.A., and I’m really worried about that :(

  12. Adrian says:

    Okay people, this could be huge.

    If Supergirl moves to the CW, they will likely keep her on a separate Earth from Flash/Arrow. BUT, this would also give them a glorious opportunity to do a comicbook-style universe-melding reboot… where Supergirl’s Earth is melded with the same as Flash’s Earth. This way they could visit each other without having create breaches, they could just fly/run over to each other’s city like Arrow does, and everyone could have adventures together much more often.

    And as with these kinds of reboots, time and character reboots would also be a factor. Minor chronological things like Catco covering the playboy exploits of a young Oliver Queen and major character things like… BLACK CANARY BEING ALIVE.


    • TMECE says:

      I know nothing about the comic, but I like the idea of them being in the same world! At the same time, I hate the idea of two worlds melding together and reality changing, especially retroactively. It’s not a bad idea at all, I just feel very uncomfortable with that sort of thing. It’s why time-travelling makes me nervous – I don’t like it if what used to be reality isn’t now and from now on it has never been. <- Just look at how strange that sentence looks. It's obviously wrong.

      Still – more of Kara and Barry? YES PLEASE. And Cisco has to meet Cat.

    • margrave says:

      The only way to do this IMO is to alter the earth so that Superman is wiped from existence or trapped in the void something because you can’t bring him into the Arrowverse and keep him off screen indefinitely.

      I wonder if they are going to cut the season to like 13 eps and run it split with legends

      • aeonish says:

        I read someone’s headcanon (I think it was on tumblr) that the reason we haven’t seen Superman or Supergirl on Earth 1 or Earth 2 is that both their pods are still stuck in the phantom zone, so they’re just not here yet. I accept this.

    • If this ended up with Caity Lotz being Dinah Lance, I would be a-okay with this.

    • Anna says:

      That’s what I thought as well!

    • silaria says:

      Or we could just see a Supergirl emerge on Flash’s Earth and a Flash and Arrow emerge on Supergirl’s Earth? That seems

  13. Anna says:

    If she’s moving to the CW, then maybe they could have a crisis-type storyline where their worlds are combined. With Flash delving into all the multiverse stuff, I would be surprised if something like that doesn’t happen at one point.

    • Ezio says:

      And maybe a Crisis On Infinite Earths type event so we can finally here the words, “My name is Wally West and I am the fastest man alive.”?

    • Just thinking that seemed like a possibility. I’ve really been wanting to see Flash do a Multiversal run through the sets of all the other DC shows around, even if they never did a full crossover (though come to think of it, right now that’s really just Gotham and Powerless come fall).

  14. the silver ravens says:

    does that mean we get more crossovers with the flash?! they are adorkable together

  15. VindicaSean says:

    Me, right now.

    Except y’know, I’m a guy, and not wearing a yellow sundress (to each their own, though).

    But the smile, and the glasses. Yes. That’s me.

  16. Mark Wyman says:

    It may be a demotion, but it’s still survival. I’ll take it.