Who Runs the Jessica Jones Twitter Account and Can I Buy Them a Drink?


Someone recently asked Brian Michael Bendis, “Are you in charge of the Netflix’s Jessica Jones Twitter account?” He’s not, but I’d like to buy whoever is a drink.

Bendis, writer of [Editor’s Note: affiliate link] Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1 , replied on Tumblr, “i get this one a lot. i am not. i actually have no idea who is. but they are VERY good. the fan art is amazing!”


But that’s putting it lightly.

There’s a lot you can do with a Twitter account. I once made Pizza Hut cry, for instance. Pizza Hut is a brand, you see, and brands use Twitter a bit differently than other users. They can promote their latest product or article, they can utilize it for mainly customer complaints (like most airlines), interact with fans, or post topical pop culture jokes. But the Twitter account for Marvel and Netflix’s Jessica Jones, does all of that and takes it one step further by speaking in the character’s voice.

Back in 2010, writer Paul Tobin famously utilized Twitter by creating an account for Spider-Girl Anya Corazon, which coincided with moments from her comic book title. It was brilliant. It was magical. The book was cancelled and the last tweet went out in May 13, 2011.

@JessicaJones isn’t doing that exact same thing but it is taking a page out of its book by giving Jessica a voice outside her 13-episode series. I don’t follow a lot of brand accounts because I try to keep my feed clear for my friends (plus my friends retweet the brands so I usually see them that way) but when “Jessica Jones” followed me I couldn’t help but feel a little flattered. Jessica doesn’t have many friends.


But it wasn’t until the Season 2 renewal news happened that I actually stood up and took notice of what the account was doing. Remember the note “Jessica” left to announce the news? The phone number led to a real line and a special, grumpy voicemail message from Krysten Ritter’s character. Here’s a few other times the Jessica Jones Twitter knocked it out of the park.

That time someone tweeted, “Follow me sexy girl” at her?

And no, she’s not just snarking back at those who deserve it.

But usually she is.

And then…

And the feed wouldn’t be complete with lots of booze talk.

One of the more recent uses of the account was less playful than these other examples but just as cool. It seemingly announced the premiere month for Netflix’s next new Marvel series, Luke Cage.

See the November on the Cage file? But if you really want to know who runs @JessicaJones, good luck with that one, kids.

3 Responses to “Who Runs the Jessica Jones Twitter Account and Can I Buy Them a Drink?”

  1. Aeryl says:

    Honey badgers, yes.

  2. That Which Dreams says:

    Shonuff: Allright, Leroy. I’m going to ask you one last time. Who’s the one and only person in charge of @JessicaJones?
    Bruce Leroy: I am. I. AM.