10 Things Guys Could Like To Turn Girls On

I stumbled into a bit of controversy last week. “Women reading comics, playing video games, talking tech, or role playing is to geeks what wet t-shirt contests, Hooters girls, and strippers are to Nascar fans.” That was an anonymous comment I received from someone who thought some geek girls use sex to exploit themselves, thus gaining popularity. I discussed the comment with the poster on Formspring where it was asked (you’ll have to click on ‘more’ now to find it) but my good friend Geek Girl Diva decided to blog about it and boy, did it ever spark some discussion. You can read her Geek Girls, Like Unicorns, Don’t Exist then come back here.

Back? Ok, forgetting the offensive nature of and gross generalizations in the original statement, I understand the underlying concept. Contrary to popular belief, geek girls aren’t really a myth or a rarity but to a geek guy, seeing a woman interested in comics or video games must be pretty thrilling. Add to that a girl who doesn’t hide her geek nature but rather shouts it from the rooftops and she’ll be receiving online marriage proposals monthly. Not that I’d know anything about that…

But what about the non-geek out there? If you think about it, no matter what your interests, it’s exciting to find someone who likes the same things you do. And yes, in extension, a turn on. So it got me thinking, what traditionally female interests could a regular Joe be into that would get our hearts going pitter-patter for him? And thus was born my latest list for Heartless Doll – 10 Things Guys Could Like To Turn Girls On.

I’ll give you a hint, sports, cars and going to eat at Hooters is not on the list. :P

3 Responses to “10 Things Guys Could Like To Turn Girls On”

  1. ImjustDoug says:

    Sure there is PTLindy.
    " Add to that a girl who doesn't hide her geek nature but rather shouts it from the rooftops and she'll be receiving online marriage proposals monthly. Not that I'd know anything about that…"

    I am guessing that means the blogger who's blog you just commented on is single. But even if that is incorrect they are out there. Don't give up.

  2. PTLindy says:

    Sadly, the problem isn't that geek girls do not exist . . . it's that single geek girls do not exist. sigh

  3. ImjustDoug says:

    Sounds like the guy who posted that is seeing things the same way. Some people accuse others of things they do. Now ARE there women who do that? Sure, just like there are guys who are pigs. But are they the norm? Nope. It's silly that just because you have "boobs" in your webpage name that he gets such a high attitude and a sexist view in my opinion.

    Read Geek Girl Diva's thoughts and the posts afterward and found it interesting how people react to this concept. If I could make it to Comic Con would join that talk in a heartbeat.

    Ok, this is getting too long. But quickly, as for your ten things a guy could like… I only missed out on soap operas, cats(because I am allergic but like dogs!), and knitting. :P