When Supergirl Moves to the CW They’ll Officially Welcome Clark Kent, aka Superman


Young Kal-El might have made an appearance in a dream sequence on CBS’s Supergirl, grown up Kal appeared in shadowy flashes, and Clark sent some nice texts but Season 2 on The CW officially has Superman moving in.

According to HitFix (which, sidebar, check out the John Boyega/Pacific Rim 2 article I just did up there!), Superman will show up in the first two episodes of the season when the show debuts on The CW.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said, “Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler and I are beyond thrilled to welcome Clark Kent and his slightly-more-famous alter ego to the world of Supergirl. Superman will be appearing in the first two episodes of the new season and we cannot wait to see who next dons the red cape!”

While Henry Cavill plays the Man of Steel on the big screen, and we know TV/film crossovers aren’t happening anytime soon, apparently casting is now underway for the role on Supergirl.

I know lots of folks are going to be pulling for Smallville’s Clark, Tom Welling, (I’m one of them) but back in January (before the network swap happened) he said no one had approached him. Last season, Smallville’s Supergirl, Laura Vandervoort, took on the role of Indigo for them.  Here’s hoping they decide to bring in Lois while they’re at it.

David Goyer’s Krypton prequel for Syfy is still in the early stages, no word on if they’ll ever crossover.

23 Responses to “When Supergirl Moves to the CW They’ll Officially Welcome Clark Kent, aka Superman”

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  2. There is no possible way in which this will *not* be a better depiction of Clark than Man of Steel/Batman v Superman, because not only does Berlanti *get* DC characters, but it would be impossible to do a worse job than Snyder.

    It would be nice to have Tom Welling be in the show in any capacity, though, even if not as Clark. If I had to pick an established TV star to play the part, I’d go with Joe Manganiello, if only because Tom seems to have such a boyish look. Oh, and Manganiello needs to rock the grey hair streaks he has naturally for it, something akin to the older Kingdom Come Superman look.

    • Tova says:

      I’d kind of want a boyish Superman on this show. Or at least one you could imagine getting along with Kara – and bonding over nerdiness with her.

  3. I am honestly overjoyed by this news, as the Superman who has (not) appeared in this show is pretty much the best live action adaptation of Superman I’ve ever seen. Personally, I’m rooting for Brandon Routh, seeing as he’s on the network already. And if we’re adding Lois, which they should, I’m really wanting to see Rashida Jones in the role.

    • Kryptoknight says:

      I would’ve been OK with Routh in the role, but between Arrow and Legends he’s fairly well established now as Palmer and it’d be a bit odd if Ray just happened to look just like Clark.

      Since Routh is out I would love to see Welling get the part.

      • Eh, between alternate universes, I think it could work. John Wesley Shipp has three roles across three confirmed Universes here, I think Routh would be fine for Superman. I’d take Welling too, but I still think Routh is perfect.

  4. WheelchairNinja says:

    I’m still nervous he’ll overshadow Kara, but at least this means we’ll have a bright, hopeful Superman on screen again.

    • Evelyn Starshine says:

      I don’t think he can?
      like he’ll only be there, for her story, like it’s still her show?

    • Tova says:

      I’d be more worried if it was a different show. I don’t think Supergirl would let that happen.

  5. … and he’ll turn out to be the Cyborg-Superman all along!

  6. Dormgron says:

    Please please PLEASE be Tom Welling… it’d just be so perfect. He’s aged ideally for the role as well (played a younger Clark 10 years ago, & is now perfect for this more experienced Superman). And a clever way to tie in Smallville to DC’s TV canon thanks to multiverses (wouldn’t have to have taken place in same universe as Supergirl; simply using same actors would be enough to establish that link!)

  7. wondercube says:

    It’d be neat to use the Smallville actors!

  8. Patrick Warburton, pls.

    • Everybody else is going in much more sensible directions.

      • Because clearly Patrick Warburton is Captain Marvel.

      • Tova says:

        More sensible yes, but also more boring. That guy from Smallville seems to be at least 60% of all suggestions, and that would just be so underwhelming and weird.

        • Howard_Bannister says:

          It’s because nerds love continuity more than fun, sometimes.

          It would give me a continuity thrill to see Tom Welling actually suited up as Superman, I admit it. It might even retroactively make Smallville seem better than it was! (because it was trash, trash I was addicted to)

          • Tova says:

            Can’t they just make a… short film about the show’s Clark, grown up and suited up? Away from MY Supergirl. That way we can all have what we want. ^^

          • Howard_Bannister says:

            I’m hoping that cooler heads prevail and we all just gradually forget about Smallville. Berlanti and co. have shown that they have a good head for what’s actually a good story, and continuity geekery has been a small part of that, but never at the cost of the quality of the show. (like casting Dean Cain, just for instance)

            I trust them not to pander to the part of me that makes regrettable decisions based on how cool it would sound as a trivia question about the show.